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Install GreaseMonkey add-on to your Firefox, GreaseMetal for Chrome, JS Utilizer for Opera or GreaseMonkey for Safari.

الآن الاضافات:

YouTube “Lights Out”

lights pff

Videos are best enjoyed when the lights are out. This script will not turn off the lights in your room but will turn off the laptop screen around the video hiding all the un-necessary comments and related video so that you enjoy your video with out any distraction. Just click the little bulb near the subscribe box once to dim the lights and twice to turn it off completely.

Download Lights Out

Play YouTube videos in full screen

Do you feel lazy to do that extra click to enter the YouTube full screen mode. If you are, then this scrip is just for you. It will load the video is full screen automatically so u won’t waste time looking at stupid comments. To exit the view anytime just press escape as you always did.

Download YouTube videos in full screen

YouTube Video Downloader

youtube downloader

Loved a YouTube video and want to download it. I am sure you must have a third party software to detect the YouTube video and download it for you. Now its time to forget that crap and download your favorite video in every format available with a single download button just below the video. This is perhaps the most easy way to download one and I am sure no other method can beet it.

Download YouTube Video Downloader

Youtube: resize

youtube scroll

This script will fill up the related video space and will load the video in widescreen. Here’s a tip, this script is enhanced with the simultaneous use of the lights off script discussed above

Download Youtube: resize

YouTube Prevent Autoplay

YouTube automatically plays any video I land on taking it for granted that I am ready to view it. Now one can stop this annoying feature with this user script and load the video when we want it to.

Download YouTube Prevent Autoplay

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