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Product Features

Feature Brief Description

Write Project USB Disks Make your USB removable disk secure by write protecting them. This way not only other users can not copy data from your machine to their removable disks, but you can also avoid spreading of the viruses from the their machines to your USB removable disks.

File Execution Control Make your system secure by denying execution access from the removable disks. This way no application can be run from these removable devices, thus making your system more secure to the common viruses spread through USB disks.

Disable USB Disks Disable all your USB removable disks to disallow read and write on the USB removable disks. This way user will not be able to transfer files to and from the USB disks to your machine.

Disable Autorun and Autoplay Most of the virus exploits the Windows Autorun feature to automatically run as the new USB Disks are plugged-in to the system. You can shield your system against most of the viruses by simply disabling the Autorun for the executeable files on the USB disks.

Auto Copy to USB Disks In most of the cases only the machine running the USB Disk Manager the USB Disk Manager will have the write and execution protection on, but what if you want to take your USB disk to your friend's and colleague's machines. In that case your USB disk will be vulnerable to the viruses present on that host machine. To cater similar situation you can set the "Automatically copy this application to USB Disks as Autorun".

When this preference is set, this application will be auto copied to all the USB disks plugged to the system. This way wherever you take your USB disks, it has the protect utility with it which will auto run once you plugged that USB disks to new machine.

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