كيف تنشر في فيس بوك و يظهر بواسطة جهاز أبل أو سامسونج أو أيفون ..

 لقد قمت بنقل الموضوع بالكامل من مدونة أخرى:

Facebook Status from any device trick
Impress your friends by updating your status from any mobile or device with Facebook App.
Fake your status as like you own an apple iPhone or a BlackBerry.

You might have seen some of your friends updating your status via any mobile devices that you dream of. That proves it , you have been impressed.
Now you can do the same , but actually without a device like Apple iPhone or BlackBerry.

What you actually have to do is Click and Post your status on to your Facebook wall using any of the Devices from your choice below.
Facebook Status Tricks Example
You just need POST the status from the popup and in Facebook it will be shown like you have updated it from the selected device.

You can also update your Status via "Microwave Oven" , "My Heart" , "Dreams" , "Web Enabled Toaster". To get a laugh out of your Facebook Friends.
Microwave Oven                           My Heart 

Dreams                                            Web Enabled Toaster 

If you ever wish to use this trick for updating your facebook status from any device or phone , just bookmark this page for the future.-- !BookMark! -- ( Ctrl + D )
!Click here to install the Toolbar!

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